WinRAR 3.00 Beta-1 released



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Diabolic used a direct e-mail to tell us about a new release of WinRAR, the populair file compression software.

We are pleased and proud to announce the first public beta release of the…

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I actually prefer WinAce… It compresses better than WinRar and has a better GUI… Anyways that my personal preference…


If Winace has less bugs it would be much better … Compression is actually better :). WinRAR is more stable …


yeah. GUI’s is all subjective. that point is all moot :wink: however, compression ratios are what matters. i would liek to know if this new winrar is better or worse than winaces latest and greatest. anyone know? :8


Tested Winrar 3 beta & WinAce with Best compression (registered) for each. Compressed CloneCD, NetCaptor, Trillian and WInISO (newest versions of each) from my “c:programs files” directory.<p> Details: UnCompressed size: 14,751,578 Files: 464 Folders: 42 Compressed Sizes - WinRAR 3 beta: 5,669,288 WinACE 2.11: 5,795,231 WinRAR is faster to compress too. WinACE compresses better? Err… nup. :slight_smile:


Well, thanks for taking the time lanky, :slight_smile: however, i give you a 9 outa 10 for effort, i wish you woulda posted the time it took and what speed your cpu is… :d but its all good. looks like ill go with the new beta then…


I have to agree and disagree with my own findings… I have a AMD 1Ghz TB 512PC133 SDRAM running WinXP… Using WinAce 2.11 (MAXIMUM compression) and WinRAR 3.00 (BEST compression)… I compressed my Norton Antivirus 2002 folder: 1 Folder 109 files 12,574,335 bytes Results: WinAce - Compressed to 4,744,891 bytes in 27 secs. WinRar - Compressed to 5,476,100 bytes in 25 secs. Conclusion: This new version of WinRAR is indeed faster but the compression isnt as small as WinACE. Its really a difference of 2 seconds but you decide whats best for you for bigger files, speed or size… Personally, if your using a compression tool, size should really be what your aiming for followed by speed…


nothing beats WINRAR


Don’t forget about WinAce’s multimedia compression. I know WinRAR has this sort of option built in, but WinAce takes extra care in noting which files are pictures/movies/animations/etc. so it can apply special compression to them. This makes WinAce very neat indeed, because for real world tests we know what we’d want to archive: CD images, graphics, movies and offline content (if any). Maybe running the test on a pseudo-random file of some sort > 100 megs would help see which is better? Anyone up for trying this out? :slight_smile: Saying WinAce is better than WinRAR or the other way around is like saying QuArk 1.00Beta by Kunz Robert is better than PkZip (Quark was released on 05/01/1993).


In tests donmt with winrar… go to the second tab and under the compression button make sure you turn everything on… Its eassy to miss… I expect the other test done didnt turn it on… :wink:


Lanky, what options did you turn on with WinRAR? I dont see any that may make a difference on the compression…


hmm…rar vs ace is getting to be a close call. thers only so muhc compression you can add… i guess rar is a better choice only coz its more well known (coiuld be wrong). utmost compatiblity you have to stick with shudder Zip. i dont know which to pick really. i like rar, always been a big fan of it since the DOS days… arj was good too… ace though…is seemingly the winner…


Not if you use usenet it’s not. Rar wins hands down if yposting large files to binaries on usenet. Especially with the CRC addition of Par. :slight_smile:


bumped everything to the highest value except Audio channels which i left. The rest like dictionary was 4meg… 128 meg ram etc etc etc…


i have an amd athlon 1900+ compressed a 4.5MB game rom file to 2.6 with winace 2.8 with winrar, winace did it in 5 sec winrar did it in 8 sec all settings maxed for compression, except winrars dictionary size only went to 1024 where winace went to 4096 today i switch to winace, it finally comes with a shell menu, thats why i chose winrar 2 years ago, now i got no excuse to keep using it.