WinOnCD update to v3.80 Build 689

I just posted the article WinOnCD update to v3.80 Build 689.

WinOnCD is a burning program for Windows.

This file updates WinOnCD 3.8 Build 644 to Version 3.80 Build 689 and DirectCD 5.0 to 5.03

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PS: who does actually use…

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I do :wink: 3.8 Power Edition is THE damn best burner progie there is at this monent.

I used to, it’s one of the best burning software I have seen, but probably because I got it with my first burner. Other software I used a lot in those days is Prassi CD Rep, not sure if anyone knows that nowadays. :wink:

WinOnCD 3.8pe is great, but it doesnt work under winxp for me. i know how to get it working, but thats to complicated for me, i switched to nero, nice, but i like the winoncd layout more. more userfriendly.

I agree with Den_Lange. WinOn rox, along with Gear Pro & CloneCD

download link is not working for me :frowning: --do we need update from first edition or from service release 1?

I dont fancy downloading and installing more software than necessary so someone explain why this is better than Nero :slight_smile:

There are no bigger difference between WinonCD and Nero. Nero handles Mp3 files better than Winoncd. Winoncd is better for bootable discs and Video discs. Mainly both proggys are nice, but there smaller differences. First look at the size of both proggys, winoncd is bigger and better for people who like nice layouts(like me), nero is smaller and has a quite ugly layout(depending on your likes). If you used nero quite long, i dont know if there is a reason to switch to winoncd. I had to switch, but let me say this. someone prefers driving a bmw others a mercedes. It depends on your likes. cya

Dude, let me tell you. I just updated WinOn Cd. This program has features no other cd burning program has. I restore audio as part of my living. I use professional plugins (waves, steinberg, etc). This program just allowed me to bring wave files into the proggie, then I adjusted the following settings: room sized reverb, pitch, decrackle, denoise, derumble, speed, declick, parametric eq, graphic eq, enhance stereo, make mono to stereo, fade songs into & out of each other - etc etc. If you are into tweaking audio then this cd burning program is for you. I do believe it supports over burning as well…