WinOnCD 5 -?

I was recently at Frys (forgive me for I have sinned :bow: ) and WinOnCD 5 was available. I’ve heard great things about the prior versions (other than it wasn’t available in the US).

I’ve read the CD Freaks review and am considering it. Anything or any issues I should be aware of?

when i installed it on my win xp machine and push the write button i get a blue error screen and windows reboot.
so i say it’s a no go on xp

WinOnCD 5 is a very nice program. WinOnCD 6 has just been announced.

I just loaded WinOnCD 5.03 in WinXP. The installation was fast and uneventful and included the latest UniDriver support update. Burning worked with no problems and all of the capabilities of my Lite-on LTR 48125W were recognized.

I disagree with Maelstrom, and think that WinOnCD 5 is quite suitable for WinXP installation. It is a very complete program, can overburn, OverSpan, and burn data discs in RAW mode. It is especially good for audio and video applications, and has a complete set of audio editing adjustments available in the main window. :slight_smile: