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I just posted the article WinOnCD 5 Power Edition review @ CDRWcentral. has a review on Roxio’s WinOnCD 5 PE. When I got my writer back in the days, WinOnCD was deliverd with it. It was version 3.8 if I’m right, and I really liked it, especially rhe…

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I have been saying for years that WinOnCD is the best overall program. It is very stable, as the article states, and there isn’t anything that I have asked it to do that it failed to deliver. Super easy to use and dependable. Roxio sucks for not releasing it in North America. As we all know the software they offer us, Easy CD, is probably the worst software for burning on the planet. Although WinOnCD 5.0 PE is only available in Europe, and in German, you can find it online and it works great with XP ;).

Back when I had 2x/4x burners I always loved the stability and usefulness of WinOnCD. It’s a shame crapware like EZCD is shoved onto north americans while euro gets this awesome software.

I wish Ian to make good usage of his reward from Roxio. WinOnCD 5 simply stinks. Bloated as hell, extremely CD application hostile, and full of nasty bugs. I have spotted two dozens of them and they are probably 5-10 times as much, but there is no point trying to prove the self evident. And yes, I was the biggest pusher of versions 3.6 and 3.7.

:frowning: winoncd 5 seems to wipe out the native burning in windos xp, even after uninstalling. Is this true for everyone else as well? Any workarounds yet?

Hi, I got hold of a copy of Winoncd 5.02 PE in English but whne I install it it doesnt load up.Any ideas? I have always liked using Winoncd but changed to Easy CD Platinum recently but want to check out WinonCD 5, can any help please?

Sorry people, i am using XP Pro by the way, this is for the message above. All help would be much appreciated. Also I have a Ricoh 20x10x40 recorder if thats any help?