WInNT does not recognise long filenames read from DVD+R but
will recognise them from CDR . Can anyone give me a solution
For this problem.


I think this would have been better posted in the general software recording forum. Maybe it will get moved there.

Anyhow, in the meantime give us your rig…
dvd/burner used?
software used?
speed of read write and modes selected?


Rig XP2200+ EPOX Mainboard 1.5 Gb Pc2700
Liteon LDW-401S JLMS XJ-166S
WinNT 4 SP6a
Easy CD Creator 6
Media Mitsubishi 2.4x DVD+R


I am not a big fan of Easy Cd Creator, and can’t help much with it as a result.

However, I can suggest you try Nero, simply to troubleshoot where the problem lies. Chances are if Nero works, then its something associated to easy cd, if not, perhaps its windows related or hardware needs driver updating…etc…

Just a basic point to start at I think.


seems to answer the question :frowning:


Thanks for the information It clears up the problem