WinMX version 3.1 has been released

I just posted the article WinMX version 3.1 has been released.

Airhead, Alien_X, codedemon, feroujem, Pretenderwins and neoufo51 all used our newssubmit to tell us that WinMX version 3.1 has been released:

What is WinMX?

WinMX is a FREE file-sharing…

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Wow. Great improvement :7 I like this one more than KazaaLite :8

Yup, much better than Kazaa Lite IMO. I got rid of Kazaa already. :8

Why isn’t anybody ever talking about Gnucleus? Did you ever try it? And it’s OPEN-SOURCE!

Because nobody knows this client ?! I personally don`t like the Gnutella Network at all. ViRuZ PS: The new WinMx version really rocks.