WinMX v3.2 is now available

I just posted the article WinMX v3.2 is now available.

Pretenderwins used our wonderfull newssubmit to tell us about this great news for filesharing lovers: the release of WinMX version 3.2.

June 14, 2002

WinMX v3.2 is now available. This new…

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n1c3 :8

Power to WinMX! KaZaA…HAH! nEXusJ

Does anyone know if this version is compatible with XP? Last versions made my comp slow to a crawl, utterly worthless. Thanks.

Neur0mancer it is XP compatible, as were the previous releases. There must be a problem with your Windows setup.

What do you think could be wrong with my setup? mIRC lags me all to hell as well but I’ve tried everything to fix it with no luck. I use Windows XP Pro Corporate edition, thanks if you can help.

new winMX = verrry nice…

Very nice app. But I still miss more support for Ogg Vorbis format.

Neur0mancer, sorry I can’t help you, maybe you should email the developrs. It should work.