WinMX not downloading - Hangs on "Waiting for network replay"



Hey guys,
I done a reload about 3 days ago because of my new HDD. I loaded WinMX back on and and when into it. Ok guys here plz dont nick pick about what files I am trying to get. I can search for files fine on primary and secondary connections but when ever I click to download it just turns yellow saying its found X amount of people sharing the file and then after bout 1 min go red (times out). I have remapped the ports to different on my broadband modem/router (SpeedTouch 545) and still nothing. I do not have a software firewall @ the mo, and XP’s is disabled. Any ideas anyone?



Haha well its working now :bigsmile: No idea why it did that



WinMX networks in the USA have recently experienced a flooding of the networks
with spoofed ‘The Simpsons’ episodes, primarily files claiming to be
15th season episodes. That might cause problems similar to the one you