WinMX download ERROR!HELP!

I wanta download a song from Winmx and in the Transfers window Under status, it said File Error> (3) " (path of where my files go after download)"
Can anyone tell me how i can solve this problem or how can i download it? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

In WinMx, Settings->File Transfers->Incoming Files Folder->Change. It needs to know where you want it to download to.

i need help with a program winmx i run windows xp which means i can run multiple accounts and my dad hjas one i do to and everytime he downdloads somethins it doesnt show on his shared files i need immiediate help i repeat immidiete hel pits been drivbing me nuts i guess mty butt will be on this friggin seat for a lonnng while your help would be appreciated
:sad: :bow: :o