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I just posted the article WinMX 3.1 review @ MP3newswire.

Last week we reported about a new WinMX version. Mp3newswire has a small review on this new piece of software. They say that with version 3.1 released, WinMX has clearly taken lead over FastTrack…

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I read and read but see no advantage compared to fasttrack: also no spyware (after removing), also decentralised, also multi-source downloads. but I think there are more files on fastrack than on winmx?


WinMX has a clean interface, a much more advanced search option, more detailed file info, has always been more stable and most of the time a greater variety of bitrates for most of the files (concerning mp3s)…get it!


WinMX is not completely decentralized! It uses the WinMX Peer to Peer Network and OpenNap Servers to manage the filelists from all the users. And by the way, multi-source downloading is only available through the WinMX Network which can be forced to shut down.


it is certainly better than gnutella/morpheus though great while it lasts:)


WinMX is the best source, IMO, for downloading MP3s of any bitrate. eDonkey2000 with eDonkeyBot for everything else :slight_smile: WinMX 3.1 does not use OpenNAP Severs by default, you have to load a OpenNAP Server list (.WSX) for WinMX to even display a list of OpenNAP Servers. Everytime you start WinMX, you have manually connect to OpenNAP Servers. That option is in there for those who like the huge amount of files still shared via OpenNAP Servers. WinMX also comes with NO spyware, unlike some unmodified FastTrack client programs (KaZaA :r). Like hgo said,

Get it!