How do you disable Smartdrv from starting up with windows besides saying no is selective startup?


Well, two thoughts:

  1. Install a Real OS.

but failing that…

  1. You don’t need autoexec.bat or config.sys any more. Delete them. Well, ok just rename them to autoexec.old and config.old - but you get the idea. That’s where things are “starting up”. Now be aware that some version of smartdrv will load ANYWAY with Windows, right? But the actual smartdrv.exe is probably being loaded in your config or autoexec.


I thought that ME was just an extension of 98 which does need config.sys & autoexec.bat? I’ve , fortunately, never had the need to touch ME so I can’t dispute what you say, I’m just surprised that’s all.

Win9x in general don’t need config.sys or autoexec.bat UNLESS you have something strange that you need to configure. They support them only because some people were still using devices that needed DOS REAL Mode support.

In general on a well-configured Win9x system, you can remove those two files and suffer no ill effects… and even gain some system speed/stability due to removing extraneous memory managers and caches and such.

It would help if you kind of told me how to disable it…

Plus, I never talked about autoexec.bat. Please explain, im a noob on these things.

I’ll second that. ME is as unstable as Charles Manson on Crack.

Go to the start menu, then to run. In the run box, type “cmd” (without the quotes).

A dos box will appear. Type:

cd \

Then type:

rename autoexec.bat autoexec.old

Then type:

rename config.sys config.old

Then close the dos box, and reboot your computer. :slight_smile:

I tried this just for the hell of it, and my comp said "The system cannot find the file specified."for the first file(autoexec.bat) w/e