WinFast PVR and Liteon 411S

I have a WinFast TV2000 XP capture card from LeadTek, trying
to burn DVD’s using a 411S from LiteOn. The application from
LiteOn, PVR, is supposed to allow a Direct Burn to CD or DVD
while signal is being captured. It will do so with a VCD, but not
with DVD. Lots of contact with LeadTek tech support, but no
good results. Is anyone else using this setup? I think the card
is great, but seems to be a compatibility problem somewhere.
Does anyone know of another application that would support
the LeadTek card. I’ve tried all the steps suggested by LeadTek,
including updating drivers, updating the application. No help.
I believe the drive it’self is OK, but can’t prove that with my
limited knowledge.