Wine / WineX experiences

i’m considering wiping winxp completely off my system, and i was wondering about any forum users experieces with WINE. a couple programs that i cant go without, sadly, are


ok, short list, but thats all i can think of. the rest i’ve found alternatives for. im curious about how much slower games in general would run on WINE, though. anyone?


Edited the title, since Wine experiences would be more of a title for the Living room :bigsmile:


Edited the title once again, as Tax thought that Wine is only a liquid fluid shutting down your brain :).
Tax: Wine is software for Linux to run Windows applications in Windows. Something completely different from Windows ME (Wine is stable, Win ME isn’t!).

I’ll edit the title to Wine/WineX experiences :wink:

A friend of mine got CS running on WineX. As his system is pretty slow (P2-300 with only 128MB and Voodoo3) it’s quite hard to determine wether the performance of the game sucks, or it’s just WineX causing troubles.
According to this document of Transgaming, playing CS on Linux should be not too much of a problem with WineX 2. WineX 3 should even give better results (not released yet btw).

Nero can perhaps be run from Linux with Wine or Win4Lin, but I wouldn’t recommend that, because Ahead announced a Linux version of Nero some time ago. While waiting, I’d be using VMWare with a minimalistic installation of Win98 with Nero, as long as there’s no Linux version of Nero available.


If you want to run Nero under Linux, it can be done quite well, according to the commens in the WinHQ apps database. Read the entire story here.

thanks much! can’t wait to get out of the lab to try it.