Windvd: Use Hardware Acceleration prevents me from using the color controls

Hi there,

When im using the Use Hardware Acceleration on windvd the color mixer silders are all greyd out, when i remove the Accelerators check boxes i can move them.

Any way to keep the Hardware acceleration AND be able to use the color mixer?

Using Geforce 6600GT.

Maybe change the REGISTRY value manually for the color settings?

For example:

Registry Entry for WinDVD Brightness Default Setting:


Value Name: ColorPreset_4
Value Data: 0,0,0,0,0

Change first value (brightness) from 0 to between 0 and 32, 16 is in the middle, for example.

Well if ill change that way the brightness will be fixed, i want to play with the sliders, each movie to its own you know…