WinDVD problem

I downloaded windvd (38mb) unrar the file and was left with a .iso file, the readme says i need a .cue file to copy it onto cd. does anyone have this file?

I then found a program that extracted .iso i now have the contents of the cd on my hard drive ie setup file, but when i go to click it it says cant find _setup.dll, using the iso extraxting program i found this file(dont know why it didnt extract the first time) but i still get the same error can anyone help me with this.

Ps i have win xp ( what a load of crap it is)

Have you tried burning the ISO with Nero Burning Rom? You don’t need a CUE this way. Click on Burn Image and select ‘All files’. Then load up your ISO and record it.

And why is XP a load of crap? It’s far better than Win9x which I used to run (don’t know Win2k, never used it :o)… ?? I love XP :smiley:

Then load up your ISO and record it.
i burned thew iso using nero but it just put the iso on it. perhards i didnt select all files.

xp seems the crash alot with me, i have a new computer, its got better with the release of new drivers, but i dont think its much better than 98se.

Tried that biut get this forgien image error and it asks me to corret it or not any ideas?

FILE “xxx.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
INDEX 01 00:00:00

  1. Copy the above into a new text doucument in the same folder as the .bin file.
  2. Change “xxx.bin” to the name of the bin file. Example: “Plus.bin”
  3. Save File As cd.cue
  4. Now start CDRwin and load the .cue sheet and burn.

If you get an error message change the second line to: TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
Then try loading the .cue sheet again and should be able to burn the .bin

Try using the search engine I just answered this same question in this forum 11 days ago!

You are the man, it worked like a dream thx alot spineshank :slight_smile: