Can anyone help, I have been given WinDVD Suite but it can only be used on ASUS motherboards. Is there any way it can be used on other motherboards.
Also is there anyway of getting Nero patches ?
Many thanks

  1. i doubt it.
  2. for updates

It was provided to be used with ASUS motherboards only, that is what the license is for. Any way around this would make it illegal…whether this is fair is a different discussion. But illegal stuff cannot be discussed here…

hmmm… i had this with a version of nero 5.5 what came with my lite-on burner. it would only work with that burner no others in the same computer, however i was sold it as the full version of nero 5.5. im wont say what i did but you can probibly guess :wink:

ben :slight_smile:

You went back to the store and demanded the retail version you paid for.