WinDVD Creator


Just started using this program, and have added an avi file and created a simple menu.
The problem is it wont let me burn the project as it says its to large.
The avi file is only 697mb though.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Just been playing about with it, is it always unstable!!!

I’ve worked out how to get it all to fit on a dvd now, but does anyone know how long it should take to convert and burn a dvd. I’m up to 40% in 10 hours!!! this cant be right.

Converting an avi into dvd is a heavy work for CPU, because it require the re-encoding of the avi into mpeg-2. mpeg encoders require a very powerful CPU to do calculations in reasonable times.

What CPU do you have? How many RAM memory do you have in your computer?

I have a laptop with a 2.8 Ghz processor and 768MB of RAM. If I use VSODivX to DVD it ony takes a few hours to convert and burn but I need to make a menu and this doesnt allow it.
Or does anyone know of any other software to create a dvd with a menu?

Your CPU is rather slow to do mpeg encoding.

To create menus you can use TMPGEnc DVD Author, that take mpeg files and convert them in vob files with menus.

Another is DVD Lab Pro. Both too bad are not free :frowning:

Another solution could be to buy a standalone player able to play avi movies too; these days can be found some cheap ones. These standalones don’t need to vreate menus, because already have simple menus included in firmware. I mean that if you insert a dvd containing more than one avi, the standalone player will open a menu containing all the disc contents, and allow you to select the file you want to play.