WinDVD Creator w/Cap card

I just bought a brand spankin NEW ConvertX PX-AV100U from NewEgg and I installed it and the capture card works just fine ( I tested it with another Capture Application that isn’t that great). The software says its recording but I don’t see anything in the Preview Pane. Also when I play back the .mpg with Window Media Player or the WinDVD Creator it is blank. I can hear sound, but there is no video?? Has anyone had this problem with WinDVD creator… Is there a setting that I am misconfiguring for video??


Still after hours of trying can figure out why WinDVD cannot playback the video in the preview window…

found this:

Yeah I tried pretty much everything I could think of. The weird thing is I can capture a picture image of the screen it displays that fine. But I can’t see the video in the preview window.

Any help would be appreciated :bow:

Or will have to RMA the card.

Also maybe someone call HELP me with the understanding of the video capture mechanism in Windows.

Now I see the Capture Card as a device in my Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager … but I also see “Legacy Video Capture Devices” When I click the properties I see “WDM Video For Video Capture Driver (Win32)”.

Now what if I remove that device, what happens ( not sure I want to do that)?

Also when I use the app I found on the web “VirtualDubVCR.exe” ( which plays the capture fine but no audio) I can preview(not capture/record it YET) the video coming from the Capture card and in the properties it has this device as being used
"0* Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)" as selected.

So I am trying to figure out how come for preview I can’t select that device in WinDVD Creater? Do I need another Driver that I have missed… Any insight is appreciated…