WinDVD area Zones



I have WinDVD which shipped with my PC a year ago, and I have recently started to play DVD's in it. i do notice that you only get 5 chances to play movies from other areas (In my case europe and USA) Is there a patch available to fix up WinDVD, as the next movie I play if its encoded to play in the USA and I click yes, the player will then be only be able to play movies destined for the US market. the problem is, I live in Australia, and I,m a bit worried that I am gonna get locked out by the software for aussie purchased DVD's. Thanks for any help. Cheers Chris


I believe something called ‘Remote Selector’ can help you out on this one.

You have to keep in mind though that it can be both a hardware setting as well as a software one.

I think that when you do a search on ‘Remote Selector’ you can find a bit more information (both on this forum as through


Thanks Da_Taxman, will do a search!

Cheers Chris