WinDVD 5 and disc loading issues

I just installed WinDVD5, using a Plextor 708A drive and Windows 2000/SP4.

I don’t know if this is an issue with the program or my burner, or something else. But if I launch the WinDVD program without a disc in the drive, it hesitates a long time trying to “find” a disc in both the Plextor and my regular CD drive. Sometimes it will come up with a “No disc” message, but usually the program will hang and have problems until I feed a disc in the DVD drive.

I have checked the WinDVD preferance but unfortunately no provision is allowed to default to anything but the DVD drive when the program is opened. I do have “Auto Play” unchecked in the WinDVD Preferences, but it still searches for a disc upon the program launch.

Also, if I try and close WinDVD without a disc in the tray it has problems and will not close until a disc is loaded! And yes, I have clicked the “Stop” button twice so that the bookmark point for the disc is not remembered.

So far I am not impressed with this program. The buttons are laid out illogically and the way the docking controls hook/unhook from the main screen is annoying. In full screen mode I could not figure out how to get rid of the controls. Even menu options you have to try and guess where to right click in order to get a drop-down options box. Whoever designed this mess should be thinking of another career.