WindowsXP and Burning



I really haven’t gone looking for information on this, but I have 2 CDRW’s in my box, and only one can be ‘activated’ to burn to at a time through WindowsXP.

Is there a fix for this somewhere?

Its very stupid. [or my question is if I’m missing something]


If you’re talking about using WinXP’s built-in roxio burning program, then yes, you’re missing something. You’ll need to install a program that allows multiple burner and instance for the job. Nero is quite popular, so you might want to give it a shot and see if it’ll solve your problem.


Yah, I’m talking about WinXP’s built in burning routine.

I use Nero actually, and Alcohol 120.

Through WinXP you have to activate each one individually and that turns off the other(s). MS brilliance again I suppose.


Well, you know not a lot of people use MS’s facists built-in program anyway. Don’t remember the last time I use WMP to play a audio or video file.

You could google around and see if there’s a hack for simultaneous burning under native WinXP, but why go through all that trouble when there’s Nero.


if you trust roxio’s engine that is built into xp…