thanks, for letting me join.
i need some help. ive got atoshiba laptop,peice of shit! that had windows2000pro on it and i loaded xp on it and itwas working but no enternet so i loaded xp pro on it and that pissed it off! now its realy pissed so imm trying to find a copy of windows 2000 pro ,any one got help

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I’m not fully sure, but probably Windows 2000 has been suspended by Microsoft, and it’s not more developed.

You can try to contact Microsoft and ask if it is possible to get a license of the operative system.

Alternatively you can try to install a Linux distribution on that laptop.

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Perhaps your laptop came with some “recovery” CDs or DVDs?
Such CD/DVDs can be used to reinstall the original operating system and software on your laptop, but you will most likely lose all the things you have installed on the laptop.

If you don’t have such recovery CD/DVDs, you might be able to get the from Toshiba, although with such an old laptop it’s probably a long shot.

Windows 2000 is still supported, and I continue to get regular Windows Updates. I got it about 6 years ago for about $85 from eBay which is probably your best source if you want to buy it. See find it for around $50 plus or minus depending on final bid. Also check if you prefer other online source albeit a little more costly.