Why is it when I make bootdisks for windows2000 and boot with them. It always says at disk 4 that I’m running an evaluation copy, but I have the build 2195 so why is it saying that?
And also when I install it with those bootdisks I get on my desktop written: windows 2000 proffesional
evaluation copy?
thx, please reply


Don’t know all the builds, but it looks to me like you don’t have the official latest release of win2k.


The Miker MC


I already fixed the problem, thx anyway.
I downloaded the wrong bootdisk from the net, now after downloading 3 times the bootdisks I finaly got the good one. It appears that some of the evaluation code is in the disks so everbody Look out, maybe you have a good Windows but bad disks.
See ya.