Windows2000 PROBLEM



I have a plextor 8/20 cd writer and win2k professional release… and i’m having some problems… I can’t use Nero burning rom… it will only recognize my cdwriter as an image recorder in win2k… it works perfectly in win98… Btw… I have Nero…
Anyone here that can help me… thanks


try updating your aspi layer
available at the nero website or adaptec website
( and


Same problem here…
Nero won’t burn under win2k… =(

So: Just wait for the next release, and hope… Till that time you could use CDRWIN or so…


Why should you install win2000 if 98 does all the job right ??!?



Does anyone knows if there are already drivers for a freecom parralel writer, that works with Win2k ? The original drivers won’t work.

Thanks in advance


Guess the only place to look would be and keep looking 'till they update their drivers.
Maybe an email to the support guys there could speed things up a little, it’s worth the try right?


Thanks Avalaunch,

I’ll give it a try

Greetz Ruud



Win2000 is much more powerful and stable than 98. Its basically the newest version of NT and a much better choice. The only issue so far is completely functional drivers for users like us who burn,game,etc…


To get Nero working under 2000 this is what you have to do, make sure you have the latest aspi drivers. First install Nero, then secondly if you have a dual boot, it also helps. When you reboot after installing a file Nerocdnt.sys stops win2k from booting, to work around this you will have to delete the file (winnt\system32\drivers) all i did was reaname it to *.sy_ so it doesn’t load with windows…then Register Nero and it’s working.

But make sure you install have the latest aspi layer, reboot then install Nero or else it won’t work.