Windows2000/Panasonic 7503b scsi

I have an issue. We loaded this burner on a windows2000 machine… Adaptec Scsi workes fine on the 2000 machine, but the Panasonic 7305b cannot be found…In fact the machine will not start with the panasonic burner hooked up. Disconnect it and the win200 machine starts fine…This drive is not listed on the mircosoft HCL, but I have read others installing this drive on Win2000 without issues. I was wondering if this is a firmware issue. I can’t find any updates for this drive. We moved it to a win98se system and the drive works fine. If anyone got this drive to work on a win2000 system please let me know… thanks

SCSI, it’s not always fun!!

if the scsi-card is working, it should detect your writer, at least as a scsi-cdrom. So there are some things that can go wrong with scsi:

first. you have not terminated the scsi-bus (last physical device on the scsi-cable should be terminated -> read manual of device to see how to set the termination)

second, every scsi-device should have a unique scsi-id. Maybe the scsi-id of your writer is conflicting with another device.

how to check everything:

when your computer starts up, you will get a message from adaptec about your scsi-card. It will detect all scsi-devices attached to your card. If it is not detected here, W2K will never find it…
Then check termination and scsi-id’s

Good Luck.

My Termintor is on…I really don’t understand the whole termination thing. Ahhhhhh. I have jumper settings 1 to 6… Then each setting is in and out… Whatever that means. I feel that maybe this just won’t work on win2000. The cdr light blinks like it is trying to set-up the cdr but it does nothing. I need some help on this…

Just follow this link for some more information about SCSI, termination and scsi-id’s:

Try to change the scsi-id of the writer, maybe it helps, otherwise try to find someone in the neighbourhood with some scsi-experience.

I have checked out. I have changed the id of the drive. And it is terminated. I think this drive just won’t work on win 2000. I think it is a lost cause.