Windows2000 and messager?!?!?



i use windows2000 service pack1
while i’m on the net , i notice some some windows( messager ,windows2k said that tell me about porno info)

how can i avoid this?


Use a firewall and block this particular service.
Don’t exactly what the service is called, but had it too. Spammers use it to call message windows displaying their warning, it is annoying (and shows a flaw in your security, who knows what else they will do)


Yep it tis a flaw in XP. Here is the fix



its the windows messaging service.




is possible to turn on the standby mode ?


I dont understand what ur asking



in the windows98se i could let the pc standby
in w2k is possible?


Hibernating is possible.


With Windows Messaging Service you may find that althought you stop the service and change settings to Disable or Manual, some Windows updates will reset those settings back to Auto as MS believes we sould all be using their service. If you want a sure fire why to fix this problem, find the msmsgs.exe in %root%\Program Files\Messenger and rename it to msmsgs.exe.bak.

They lose… :cool: :cool: :cool:



That has nothing to do with his prob msmsg.exe is MSN messanger 4.7 and not the messanger service.



I have killed the messenger service numerous times only to have it turned back on after an update… I never had the problem again after renaming msmsg.exe. I posted this for what it’s worth, no argument from me, carry on…


Ah well ok



start -> run -> services.msc and turn off/disable messenger works as well.