What is the best or fastest version of windows for my pc? XP, ME, or 98SE?

I have a
pentium III 450 Mhz
384MB Ram
GeeForce I DDR
SoundBlaster 128

I would go for win 2000.
Ok true it isn’t the fastest (very slow boot) but it’s the best. You have enough ram so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Oeps just saw win2000 was not in the list so go for XP (it will run slower on your pc)

Does ME have the fastest boot time?

Why not Win98SE? I know it has the least cosmetics and lacking improvements (i don’t see MS making anymore signifant update to WIN98SE) but its simple, easy to understand and tinker about, and definitely supported by every kind of software you’re likely to find on the net.

So far, I’ve seen problems arising from users of ME and W2000 because of the program wasn’t designed for them. Calling experts : is designing program to make it supported by XP, Win2k, or ME a tough task?

Yo man I just got the official XP cd from Microsoft. I went to the show yesterday and it fucking rocks. Just rocks. 98SE + win2000+ME = XP shit is awesome

I have been running XP for a while now.

And this is the way to go for the best of both worlds (98 & 2000).

XP has an under 30 second boot.

Get it Oct. 25th, or order a new pc! :slight_smile:


Thanks For the help. Sounds Like xp is my best bet. I just hope it does not slow down my computer too much. I never mentioned I am currently running 98SE.

Faster then SE by about 40% from what I read on benchmarks. I have it, you can even fel the stability

euhhhhh one little comment, indeed xp runs faster on my pc p3 933 but my moms celeron 500 runs a bit slower on it

Celeron <------- *cough * cough :slight_smile: