Windows Xp

I am running windows 98se. I just purchases Windows Xp professional full edition and I am trying to burn a copy for my purposes. I am giving this as a disclaimer and if anyone wants my proof of purchase I am ready to supply that.
so my question
i PAID a whole lot of money for this. i just want to burn a backup copy in case this one gets scrathed or broken.
i tried all the program i have, roxio 5, nero 5.5, clone cd etc. etc.
they always give me a read error of some sort. I know that there is copy protection on the cd but I PAID A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY and want a copy for myself!! (I am so peed off about this)

Can someone please help me?

Nero 5.5 worked just find for me on my Plextor. Also making the copy is simple just cant use the same activation code, if the CD was for someone else.

I can’t even do that part of it. I am not even installing it on an another computer. Just the copy part of it. What were your settings for the Nero 5.5? Did you do cd to cd copy or did something else. DId you use the wizard or some other settings?

When using CloneCD with all options on (read all subchannel information) should do the trick.

Try making an image to your harddisk first.

The most important protection is the activation key, but that is no issue for you.

Have you had any problems copying (or writing in general) other CDs? It sounds more like a software problem of your writer than that of the MS copy protection.

Perhaps you could specify in more detail which versions you are using of the various software…

i just tried clony xl. and it says that my cd (the windows xp pro)has read error. It is a brand new disc from microsoft!!1. Does this mean it is a problem with the cd? I have used it for making music cds etc. also other software backup but this is the first read error i have seen.
thanks for any help

Does the disc have a scratch or something?
Or is it dirty?

That too might cause errors…

i know this is a dumb question but how do you recomend i clean it. I usually just wipe it with my shirt or something like that (for much cheaper software) but since this is an expensive item, i rather do it the proper way.
thanks irs

Originally posted by sluri
i know this is a dumb question but how do you recomend i clean it

Cleaning CD/DVD/DISC

what i did was use same paint thinner on it…
let me tell you, no more problems now…

just joking.
i wiped it and it gives no more read errors.
for the help as always

now let’s see if we can get it to work

My work place has original Windows XP Professional too and it definitely does not have any CD protection - tried copying with CloneCD

data subchannels: off
fast error skip: off
abort on error: on

It gave no read errors and installs fine.

Microshit doesn’t use protection on their Windows CDs because, this would cause problems for installing from Hard Disks.

Ok Here is some information for the visitors of cdfreaks that have problems with Microsoft Windoze cds.

The Application cd’s and the Operating systems DO not have a protection scheme on them. The reason being is that a lot of field support, desktop support, network administrators do not want to lug a 400 cd case around to fix somebodies computer. The cd’s can be copied to a server and a network share can be mapped to it to install the program.

The game cd’s such as Age of Empires2 and etc, DO HAVE scheme that prevents you from supposedly making a back up copy of the cd. (i.e they can be copied if their is enough determination).

Bottom line is that MS doenst want someone making illegal copies of there software.

Windows has never had any sort of copy protection as far as i knew ?