Windows XP x64 software list

I would like to get a list of 64 bit software going. I have Windows XP x64 running and I am not finding a whole lot of 64 bit software. So far I have found the following:

avast! Antivirus 4.6 - free for home use
Tiny Personal Firewall 6.5.92 - 90 day trial $99 buy
FireFox (Deer Park Alpha 1) - free
FileDisk Mounter - free iso image file mounter -
Winimage 7.00 64 bit - 30 day trial $30 buy

Alcohol 120% and DaemonTools are currently working on 64 bit versions.
AVG Antivirus is also working on a 64 bit version but they might NOT make a free version because they feel mostly businesses will use 64 bit Windows XP. Maybe if enough people email them asking for a free 64 bit version they will consider it.

You can add clonecd, clonedvd and anydvd to that list…

well i see this is going nowhere eh. Thanks madmax!

well i think time has come we should start filling this list up

plz guys who are using please state state natively 64-bit software and not sofwares like symantec using some 32-bit and some 64-bit, will appreciate all the help

µAmp - World’s First x64 Music Media Player

O men, I’ve found a whole catalog of 64-bit software…I 've never seen software which is not included to this vatalog=D

… und Tschüss :cop:

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You sure? Guess so :bigsmile:

Yepp :bigsmile:

I can’t get my optical drives to work with win xp x64 - they start out fine but after a while they come up on device manager as having a corrupt or missing driver - nothing I do can seem to fix this - I have a Samsung TST DVD RW and a Lite on DVD …

you uninstalled a certain burnning software before it started to happen right?
remove the upper/lower filters
if thats not it then it might be an incompatible burnning software (check readme/helpfile/pdf of the ones you use and see if their xp x64 compatible)

Sorry guys if the topic is dead, but still hope it will be usefull for something. The most complete list of software for x64 was I think here -