Windows XP x64 registry issues making LG Drive Model: GSA-H10L undetected?

I’m having Windows XP x64 registry issues to where it makes my LG DVD/CD Burner model: GSA-H10L undetected. I even went as far as using Nero’s Clean pack (registry checker and driver cleantool)
which only fixed it after I ran it and rebooted. However the problem came back after I rebooted again. So now we know it’s a Windows XP x64 registry issue. Is there anyway I can fix this issue without having to reformat.
Would anyone know anything here? Please help…thank you! :bow:

Picture attachment included.

Im having the same problem - I have now reformated the system and have the same problem after a couplle of boots - It is even having problems recognizing my ipods when they connect now - How can we fix this -= it says the driver for my drives (tst DRDrw and a DVDr ) are both missing or corrupted … registry cleaners can’t seem to fix it>>>>

Hi :slight_smile:

What’s the error code in Device Manager that accompanies the yellow exclamation mark?

If it’s what I think it is, registry cleaners can’t fix it, the entries causing the problem are not invalid. You have to delete upper & lower filters from the registry. Error code is usually Code 31 in dev manager. This is the explanation and fix from Microsoft…