Windows XP x64 dvd writing

hay i have recently upgraded to windows xp 64 bit and am having problems burning dvd’s
when i launch roxio 6 it says api initialize error please reinstall.
i have done so but nothing good came of it.
i have a nec nd3520 dvd burner drive with the amd 64 winchester on a foxxcon mother board.
i dont know what the proble is i have updated the firmware as well and nothing. I tried alcohol 120 and it didnot install gave an error 25001
ne help guyes ?

I think you also need a 64 bit version of Roxio or Nero.

I was wrong. It seems that 32 bit programs can work on windows xp 64 bit.

they can work but are not guaranteed to…most likely it’s a software incompatibility issue with Roxio and XP64. try a different burning engine…

Unfortunately Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 as well as Easy Media Creator 7/7.5 do not support 64-bit…

CreatorAPI error refers to a problem initializing the burn engine in most cases, Creator 6 will not work on X64.

Nero works relatively well on XP 64, might as well give it s hot.

I’ve tried to install windows xp pro x64 but the instalation doesn’t start and I don’t know why.
can someone help me?

P.S. My computer components are:
Mother Board: Asus A8N-SLI
CPU: Athlon 64 3000+
Ram: 1GB DDR400 Infinion
Video Card: GeForce 6600
HDD: 2x 200GB SATA Maxtor

Roxio Digital Media Studio does work under x64 as well…