Windows XP won't start after firmware update

I have a Acer 8432IA - 102 and I installed firmware 5gw on it in Windows and when I restart Windows it hangs at the Windows loading screen and doesn’t go anywhere however when I restart with the drive unplugged Windows starts up fine. I tried to install the firmware in true DOS and it doesn’t detect the drive although my PC detects it at startup.

I have tried making it slave and master on both IDE chains and it still don’t work.

My question is: Is there a more productive alternative to this drive than using it for target practice?

Try loading setup defaults in BIOS. At what stage does your computer freeze during startup?

It stops right at the black Windows XP logo screen (has the green loading bar). It doesn’t really freeze completely cause the green loading bar keeps moving it just stays at this screen.

And also my hard drive doesn’t seem to want to load anything. The green loading light flickers on and off but I can’t hear my hard drive doing anything.

I doubt that I can do anything in my BIOS cause it has really simplistic options and it’s an updated BIOS but I will still see if I can do something…

Also, the drive worked fine when I first put it in and loaded up Windows afterwards. It seems have been after I updated the firmware that it went crappy.

Well I think my drive is toast. I even tried installing generic cd drivers for it from a Win 98 boot disk and it says in DOS that the drive is not acessable.

There aren’t any useful options in my BIOS.

Do you think the company would repair it for me?

You could definately try sending it to them

Sounds like a bad flash alright, you can try unplugging the IDE cable from the CDRW until after you’re booted, then plug it in and try a re-flash. I’m assuming there’s no way to flash it in DOS.

I did what you said about plugging the IDE cable in after Windows is booted and IT WORKS!

HAHA I’m so happy!

Thanks so much man!

Have you tried to re-flash?

I tried to run it in pure DOS and the firmware setup detected the drive but said it didn’t need to be upgraded. Apparently when I ran it in Windows (and the website said not to do this) it forced the update anyway without any errors what-so-ever.

The drive isn’t giving me any probs anymore reguardless of whether it is set to Master, Slave, or Cable Select.

I haven’t tried to burn anything with it yet though…

Also, would it have mattered if I got the firmware from a European site when my drive is American? I mean is there any differences in a European drive and an American drive that would call for different firmware?