Windows XP won't reconize my DVD-ROM working

A few day ago i been cleaning my PC (deleting some apps i dont use) and I’ve deleted some Asus Update soft, until this moment I can’t use my DVD-ROM, BIOS shows my DVD-ROM as working, but when windows runs it appears as not enabled, I’ve tried to install drivers again but a message says that my Drive is not working properly… Also i tried to change DVD-ROM (Asus to Samsung), but I get this problem again. Pliz Help!!! :sad: :sad:
(also the virtual drives i create with Alcohol 120% have that problem :frowning: ) :confused:

Alcohol crap software - that’s your real problem.

Is there any solution?? Pliz Help!!!

Uninstall it.

Try the Upper/Lower Filters Util in chef’s signature.