Windows XP with Optiarc AD-7260s issue

I have searched your forum and found several suggestions that should have resolved my issue however it has not.

about a year ago both my dvd rw drives just stopped working. I tried to replace my drives with new ones on 3 occassions bringing me to my most recent endevor which was to overhall my system and upgrade nearly everything except the OS and some hard-drives.

Here are the current issues I have:
when i initially boot-up it only shows my boot drive and one other hard drive. I can quickly resolve this by uninstalling the second IDE Channels (there are two). I then rescan for new hardware changes which shows my other two hard drives and both my Optiarc drives appear but with a yellow upside down triangle with an ! in the center for the optiarc drives. I have tried several things to include deleting the upper and lower filter to no avail. I continue to get a code 19 error when i do anything with these. In addition once I restart my computer after uninstalling the Optiarc drive and deleting the filters i repeat the issue with the secondary IDE Channels again.

Should be noted i am running an Asus M4A785-M motherboard, AMD Phenem X4 quad core chip. I am running 4 SATA hard drives and 2 SATA Optiarc AD-7260S. As mentioned above I am running Window’s XP as well. I am also considering making this a Dual O/S system which would likely resolve the issues on another drive with Windows 7 but i’d also like them resolved with XP. I don’t want tor wipe my OS because i have software on there I cannot replace and I don’t have the installs for them anymore.

I have also uninstalled Roxio as I read that could have caused the problem.

I assume the first step is to resolve the Secondary IDE Channel issue permanantly first then move on to the DVD-RW issues.

Replace the SATA cables and try switching the drives on the SATA connectors.
Also, the SATA controller settings in BIOS are important!!

I’ve done those. As mentioned previously the issues with the DVD Drives have been an issue even before the upgrade. I’ve gone into the bios and modified stuff in order to get it to work as well as it does. Originally the boot drive wasn’t in the boot sequence so i updated that. All the cables on the non-working drives are new and have been switched around even with old cables to check that. I’ve also plugged them into different SATA slots. Seems as though most of the issues are OS related from my personal experience.

I wouldnt be that sure about the OS being the issue here.