Windows Xp & Win popup

In windows XP pro does anyone know what the equivanenet of winpopup from 9x is if there is one?


This works under CMD (which is the Dos emulator)

Thanx :slight_smile:

i once created a program to have some fun at school. it’s called deception and it can spoof messages that are sent with net send.

download it at


:slight_smile: quite amussing at uni

yes indeed :cool:

Net send is quite a hilarious thing to play with… About a year ago I took a class for the CCNA test and, some friends and I were watching what this lady on the row in front of was doing, she worked a phone company and did some type of support, she was surfing some womens health site when she was supposed to be paying attention to the instructor, we go her ip and net sent her a message that she was being monitored and that if she continued to use the pc to look at “unauthorized unapproved by the college campus” sites that she would get in to trouble and her net priviledges revoked. She closed those windows real fast, but we told her later that it was a joke and she actaully popped a windows on the instructors workstation telling him he sucked as a teacher. He got a kick out of though. He never figured it out it was her!!

we do that all the time at university :slight_smile:
we fake a ‘helpdesk’ message with my deception and the victim always immediately starts to panic. mostly they run away after a few seconds and never come back :cool:

Try WinSent. This is winpopup replacement for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.