Windows XP Vs. Vista

Will you upgrade to Vista or keep XP?

I am still using XP without any problems at all I do not need all this eye candy and faster boot and glass effect :slight_smile:

XP Is not bad OS as others make it out to be.

I still have hardware that will not work with Vista so i’ll use XP Pro till my hardware dies probably.
If i load any OS’s other than XP Pro it will be Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile:
What’s XP :doh:
Too late I’m already Vistafied. :iagree: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe in a year. I like Window’s Media Center Edition a lot. I don’t plan on switching soon.

My PC Is ready for Vista only needs more CRAM :slight_smile:

I will be stuck with XP for a while because one very important component of my online experience, my DSL service, currently doesn’t support Vista. (And the DSL provider’s software is necessary if I have to wipe out XP and install Vista - but the DSL service provider still hasn’t released a Vista-compatible version of the software yet, and won’t do so for another few months.)

That’s lame. No ISP should dictate what operating system you use.

I still use XP - I only have one machine that would be appropriate to use with Vista (the others are too modest in specification). However, until I have a reason to upgrade I am not going to bother.

You do not need ISP software to use DSL service unless your modem connected through USB.

imo vista is nothin more then eyecandy and bloatware , it doesnt add anything special , eventually gamers will move to vista cuz it will be the only windows os to support directx 10 , but for the casual user i really dont see a reason to go vista , anyway at the moment this os is in its diapers , poor driver support from various manufacturers & low software compatbility+im sure that vista itself is full of yet unfixed bugs , for whoever who wants to use it on a daily basis , its best to wait until service pack 1

you hardly need their software to connect to the net , you can configure the connection manually if you know how

No plans for Vista, and hopefully my XP on its current hardware will last until the Vista replacement, or until something else really challenges the Microsoft monopoly and operating system monoculture.

Especially with Microsoft’s handling of DRM, activation and the “Genune Notification” netcop becoming ever more draconian, I really don’t want to buy in to any forthcoming Micro$oft product.

A few high end machines need vista(amd quad core system), other than that windows xp pro is a far better choice until software matures to run on vista and they finish writing drivers for it. SP1 or SP2 would probably help. The other thing would be over 3 gigs of ram, but how many people need that much anyway.

XP had a lot of issues pre sp2 and is almost mature, need sp3?

I have two machines with Vista and my gaming machine is now dual boot with XP. No question, Vista is enjoyable to use and very comfortable with 1GB of ram and just as fast with 2GB. With the dual boot option, the delay for drivers and such is not a big problem. I certainly did not [I]need[/I] it but I consider the money worth it.

I know that, but the steps involved are French to me (and I don’t understand much, if any, French to begin with).

well you can use translation software or translate online using babelfish/google , also if those steps include screenshots it might make things easier

Things might change down the road but for now XP is the best M$ OS.

wait for next M$ OS

How hard can it be to plug-in ethernet cable If you don’t know how to plug-in ethernet cable to the back of your modem than you have some issues :stuck_out_tongue:

@Oleg24 its not like that in all countries/states,in some the isps require using a pptp/l2tp vpn dialer to connect to the adsl/cable provider , for example here in israel everyone uses a dialer cuz the isps wont have it any other way

In this case here Is link on how to do it: just select option number 2. I know Instruction for XP,but the same goes for Vista.