Windows XP vs Big brother? *update*

I just posted the article Windows XP vs Big brother? update.

I remember the time everybody was concerned about MS spying on us through the internet. What apps are installed? Did he/her pay for those apps?

Well, lets forget about that. Something “new” has…

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what the hell’s wrong with you Dee-ehn? has all of the patriotism bulshit in the media brainwashed you or something? snap out of it man! i don’t want anyone knowing where i am or what i’m doing. you know how illegle it is to pirate stuff right? why would i want the government to use one of my own computers as evidence against me?!?!?! ignore the terrorist situation and just think clearly, winXP is a step in the right direction.

So what r u Axian? some kind of pedophile whos scared of the law? I agree wit Dee-ehn about them being able to look at someones data IF they r doin something very bad, like child porn or terrorism. So snap out of it, u gotta have some limit, and if u cant handle that, then u shouldnt be a member of this society.

Privacy (almost)? From Micro$oft? I don’t think those two words go together.

Don’t beleive the bull that we all have to give up our rights to be safe. As for giving the government special powers to take care of terrorist. Here’s what Hitler said, before the law was granted giving him special powers take care of internal security. “The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures…The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one,” Hitler told the Reichstag. Right after that he became dictator. Want to know the real deal

I will agree with Axia, i wouln’t want anyone to unauthorized gain access to my PC. And the WTC incident doesn’t justfy taking away peoples privacy.

I don’t think anybody, civilian or government people should be able to acces my files! (I’m sure they can’t, but…) If they wan’t to know something they can asked it me by e-mail! P.S. I think it’s bullshit governmental organisations like the FBI and CIA can’t acces your files anymore, when you work under xp. Everything can be hacked and will be hacked!:d

Privacy is no longer going to be protected by the government, we will all have to look after our own privacy. This is unfortunate but true. Most people have no clue about even the simplest of spywares, let alone government technologies that sniff out illegal activities on the net. There are already alot of commercial softwares out there that perform the same task as XP will do, this is just another example of MS stealing ideas from other companies. I actually think its unlikely Osama has a comp with an internet connection, but if he did do you think he’s played Osama’s Liquours? just a few thoughts.

I didnt mean for it to sound as if they can just waltz in and take a look around. They should be able to IF they get court order, kinda like a wiretap.

thanks Zyron :slight_smile: as for you kleppy - you really don’t know anything about me. i guess that gives you the right to assume the worse possible things. well, you go ahead and do that. don’t come crying to me when the FBI’s knocking on your door looking for your four 24x CDRWs, which will be busy at the time. btw - for spyware, AdAware seems to help. check it out on google.

“There are already alot of commercial softwares out there that perform the same task as XP will do, this is just another example of MS stealing ideas from other companies.” There’s a saying: Good artists copy, great artists steal. Mind you, I’m not supporting M$ by any means tho.

If all the hackers keep using linux and all the childporn dude’s keep using windows. I don’t seen the problem… :slight_smile: