Windows xp user needs to load mpeg2



hi all,
i was converting family VHS to DVD’s using a Sony DVDIRECT model VRD-MC1 video recordable DVD drive. They all copied well and when I went to isolate a frame to make a CD label it said that windows media need MPEG2 codec encoder. I attempted to locat a free one an went to microsoft website for downloads. Much to my confusion and dismay NADA!

Can anyone email me a site or download that I can use? I am a neophite and won’t understand a lot of lingo.

Please help, these are christmas gifts for my son.

Additionally, is there a free software that allows me to extract a video frame to use as a picture in the case?


Alex Warren


You need an mpeg2 [B]decoder[/B] I believe. There are free decoders that come with certain media players, like VLC and Media Player Classic, but I don’t think they work in Windows Media Player itself.

It is possible to grab frames using VLC.

Here is a free mpeg2 decoder to use in Windows Media Player, but I’m not familiar with it, and don’t know how well it will work.