Windows XP unable to play DivX - Nero problems

Hi All

I’m having a VERY weird problem (never happened to me). I just bought and installed the NEC ND-2500A DVD-RW drive. i’ve installed the Nero suit and then tried to create a DVD from DivX movie - it told me that it can’t add the movie file to the compilation !!! I was surprised since my dad has the same DVD-RW drive and it worked just fine for him. I was suspicious and tried to play the same movie with the Windows Media Player (9.0) - w00t - no go ! it told me that it can’t open the file !!! I was already warried and starded to pull hair from my head ! I’ve installed all kind of codecs and codec packs - nothing helps. On the other hand - BSPlayer and DivX player can open the moves just fine. So now i’m stuck with a DVD-RW drive without the ability to record DVD movies from DivX and without media player… May be someone had that problem and can help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

You have a DivX plug-in for Nero ? i guess that movie has
suffered some damage during encoding, check for right codec

Try that drive in the good working system, (of your dad)
then you realy know…