Windows XP to cost more than 2000, Me

I just posted the article Windows XP to cost more than 2000, Me.

Microsoft on Friday revealed final retail pricing for Windows XP, a day after leaked the information on the Web for a second time.

The bottom line: Consumers can expect to pay a little…

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Damn, 10% more than previous version, that’s insane… :r I will wait for the download :slight_smile:

I was going to buy it ! Honestly ! But with these prices … no way ! :r

10% more isn’t all that bad. Look at what you’re getting: A very stabel OS! Oh, I thought you said Linux… :+

Did somebody in the real world expect it to get cheaper? Bad programmers don’t work for free!

There starts the Micro$oft monopoly again…

I will just grab it off e-donkey.Screw Micro$oft.

We are CDFreaks, price doesn’t matter, the time it takes to download does :slight_smile:

Hehe _Night :slight_smile: LoL

OK can any tell me what the fucking difference is between the Home Edition, Full Version and Professional Version? Which one is the best for games?! :o

To Hypnosis4U2NV According to this article, The Home Edition is simply a subset of the Professional Edition So I guess we should all “get” Windows XP Professional :slight_smile:

WinXP is the same as Win2k when it comes to games, some work some don’t.

:7 Well the home addition doesnt have all the security features as the professional version and does not support duel processors there is a lot more security for logging into the professional and duel processor support for those that want to run 2 processors for better video also a firewall is in the professional to keep track of people trying to get to your system private files other than that both will play games have fun :d