Windows XP - Text goes out of focus

Using Windows XP, I thought my monitor was about to break because the text on the desktop, in programs, in the system tray was constantly going out of focus. But it’s not the monitor. It seems that when I don’t have a Window in the foreground (clicked) the text is all fuzzy. I tried to take a screenshot but they both look the same…Anyone else experiencing this? Look in sig for system stats…using all the latest drivers, all XP updates, tried turning off all the visual stuff and after searching though the Microsoft Knowledge Base, turning off advanced text services - but nothing. May only be noticeable at higher resolutions (1152x864 for me).

I have had a similiar problem that you are experiencing. I noticed the more White i had on a screen the better it looked (more clear)
I played around with it a bit and just had to live with it. There are a couple knobs in the monitor you can turn, although i would highly non recomend opening your monitor if you dont know what your doing. you could severly shock yourself. I have since gotten a new monitor, but u may want to try changing the focus.

If you feel like you can play around with your monitor open it up, (and be sure not to touch anything) and remember have it unplugged. and at the back of the monitor is a device called the Flyback, it usually has 2 knobs, 1 is Focus and the other is similiar to brightness but increases the voltage, dont play with that one too much. But yeah try that see if it helps.

Turn off truetype or cleartype or whatever it’s called. If it’s off, turn it on. it’s easy, just search for it in the windows xp help screen. That’ll do it.

@garble6 - It’s not a hardware problem that I need to adjust on my monitor. When I open up a window - a program, a folder, whatever…the text snaps back into focus. If I open a window and minimiz it or click the desktop so it isn’t the foremost window, it gets fuzzy.

I’ll try the cleartype thing and report the results later.

Turning off cleartype on it’s own did nothing. I was feeling quite discouraged. But I tried turning down hardware acceleration a notch, which is “Disable cursor and bitmap accelerations”. Rebooted and it’s good. Re-enabled font smoothing (standard, not cleartype, not that it matters) and the fuzziness returned. So apparently I needed to do both. Hopefully it won’t return.

Spoke too soon - it’s back. !@#$%

The problem could be with your videocard. You could send it to me for some testing!:wink: (It’s a 9700 pro)