Windows XP starts and then slows up

Hi. On my new system, windows starts as usual, and when the desktop appears, my MS Office shortcut bar loads, but then the bottom task bar and start button freeze whilst something loads.

It happens for about 30 seconds and is pretty annoying, and has only started to happen when i installed a string of programs (like you do on a new OS install). I am in the process of installing some programs to see if they make any difference. After it finishes, a sting of new processes start, which may or may not be significant.

I have a pair of print screens of task manager before and just after with all the running processes, but i have no means to upload the JPEG.

Any help welcome,


Which Office version? - could it be that Messenger is the problem trying to go online at startup?

windows is XP SP1
Office is XP (ie 2002)

I have my old system which has the same software installed and there are no such problems. I forgot to say, that just before the problem goes, the floppy drive is searched (the light comes on and it makes a sound for a sec.).

see if your pc have spyware or virus.
i kwon people that have the same problem, they have lots of spyware.
try ad aware.

also a lot of programs have autostarting components that really are not needed
start msconfig click autostart tab and you’ll see what starts on startup (except services) uncheck stuff that you don’t need.
For example nero check, creatives CTHELPER nvidias Nwiz and so on

have a look in the event viewer to see if there are any errors or delays in software starting up

i have run spybot and adware already. despite the fact my other system is fine with these processes (Nwiz etc) running, I shall try to disable them and see …

… [edit] no good - i have disabled them but they make no difference.

I think it may be something to do with which ever process accesses my floppy, because just before the end of every mini-hang my floppy drive is accessed (even when empty).

I have just disabled my floppy drive via bios and that has made no big difference to the mini-hangs (although there was no search in my floppy drive 'cos i disabled it ;))

There is something searching for something in your box - that’s the delay! I know, not very helpful but u have to find out what this is…

have you checked to see whats starting up in msconfig (services, specifically :wink: ).

event viewer is a good idea too

event viewer seems to be offering no particular help.

I tried msconfig on the startup tab as i said earlier, but under the services tab there are loads of entries but I don’t which could be causing problems. Some of them have a status of ‘stopped’ - is that significant?

not really - there are very few essential ones. my initial guess was windows checking for updates without telling you. you can set the office toolbar to not load from msconfig - and kill most updaters too.

that might help a little :smiley:

delete the prefetch dir contents and reboot twice and call the doctor in the morning :confused:


This is a solution that can help u change the theme of windows xp to windows classic and apply the classic theme and then restart ur computer and then see whether the paneal freezes or not.If not then download style xp
and install it and apply any theme u like. ur problem will be solved.

and other alternative is that u can create a new user and see whenther the same happs there or not.

copy thr document setting from ur existing user to new user by this ur documrnt setting remain intact.

sorry for my bad english

i am already running the windows classic format (of course)

I have found out that the problem only occurs when my other computer which is networked to it is switched ON. If the other machine is off, the start up is fine.

This tells me it is something to do with my LAN.

Any tips on how to overcome it?

Although I may be wrong, I’m almost sure the delay is caused by Windows booting up services in the background (very little delay) and trying to get a network address.

I experience 1:30 min delay every time I boot up my PC. If you have got SP1 then it is implicit (not shown to you); XP SP2 explicits it so you can clearly view Windows saying “Trying to get network address…”. As far as I know you simply can’t cut out that delay… you have to wait until the network service goes timeout or Windows gets an address! For example, I always go timeout because my modem is nearly locked and I can’t modify its options because of my crap provider which has locked its firmware!

Hope this helps.

hmmm - can’t i change the timeout thing to like 3 seconds somehow? Either way I am trying to get SP2 - I am waiting to buy a 256mb pen drive so i can download SP2 from uni’s ultra speed connection and bring it to my PC.

around here - you can buy one, use it, and return it.

now thats not bery nice is it? tell me where!:wink:
btw can i download the SP2 file straight to my pen drive?