Windows XP Start up problem


Frist off this is what I have:

AMD Athlon 64 3400+
320 GB Hard drive
ATI RADEON X 800 XL PCI Express 256 MB GDDR3
Windows XP Home

I uninstalled AOL that was preloaded, now everytime I restart or start my machine, when it gets to Norton Internet Security, a windows box comes up and it says

Windows Installer

Please wait while Windows configures Norton 2005

The it sayed, You have to uninstall then reinstall Norton Antivirus

I kept clicking OK Untill that message went away

Now ,This message comes up

This MSI must be lanched trough set up

I click OK and it goes away, I checked Norton and it runs just fine

I can’t reinstall norton because I don’t have a disk for it, it came preinstalled on my machine, the only way to do that is to restore my computer which I want to avoid at this time, I want this message to stop during boot up.

I would appreciate any help thank you

  1. If it came pre-installed, then please search all the discs that you have received with your PC. Either you have to have a Norton AntiVirus CD or an Application Recovery CD. If you don’t have any of it, then contact the dealer from whom you bought the PC with pre-installed software.

  2. Disable in Norton the load on start up, plus you can use “msconfig” to configure the files at start up.

I have one Application Recovery DVD but all I can do with it is to restore the computer everything on that disk is compressed and you cant tell what is what for programs


first thing i would do is uninstall norton in safe mode…i wouldn’t worry about getting norton back…there are too many free anti-virus softwares out there to even think twice about norton…if u want norton back i would “explore” that recovery disc and if u see “.cab” files u can usually double click on em and u can see whats inside…i use winrar to do that…shows u whats right inside there…:)…if u go through em and see a section for a “norton.msi” or “setup.msi”(related to norton only)…then you can double click it and the install will launch.

thanks i’ll look at my recovery disc for the files

I you want to completely remove Norton 2005/2004 programs including registry etc download this free utility from Symantec.

Check in Windows/Downloaded Installations, you might find the Norton.msi there. Also check Program Files/Norton, sometimes there’s a setup folder with the msi; although Nosmartz has a good point there: why bother with Norton? It’s a resource hog, not the best in the field, and lately very slow on vir.defs updates.

thanks for all the help