Windows xp sp2 networking



I have windows xp sp2 on my other pc and when i try to connect to my wireless network it won’t connect at all, i can get it to find it sometimes but it simply won’t connect. When i downgrade back to sp1, wireless network connection works straight away. Anyone got any ideas, i’m sort of running low on them now having tried almost everything i can think of that could be causing it, i know that it blocks network connections by default.


Windows XP SP2 activates the built-in firewall by default. Windows XP SP1 does not. The firewall could be impairing your ability to make a successful connection. Either configure the firewall to allow access or disable it.


already thought of that, disabled it and still nothing happened. Maybe its my software for the wireless card. Got any more ideas? Its fast becoming a pain in the ass.


I don’t know if this might help but it solved a network connect problem my son & I had on our networks. It wasn’t specifically to do with SP2 but might assist.
Make the following registry change on both computers and reboot.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa DWORD KEY “restrictanonymous” = 0


Thanks, i’ll give it a try at some point and maybe post the results. Now that i’ve uninstalled sp2 on two machines (laptop with home edition, and pc with professional), both machines are taking ages to start up along with unpredictable behaviour, things like the laptop crashes when running internet explorer alot, my machine is more stable but still has other problems. Anyone got any ideas why all of a sudden when i uninstalled sp2 both machines started crashing and taking ages to start up?

One last thing to note, my machine at least (don’t know about the laptop) still has the folder that the sp2 files extracted to, namely C:\bb8ac0030bd528bf398fdf1e if that is any help to anyone, and it still has files in it.


try disabling built in wireless stuff in windows and use the hardwaremanufacyurers software instead. Check the website of the manufacturer for details.


amen to that - windows wireless is “the broken”.


To add to ckin2001 & Donald Duck, the specific service (right click “My Computer” -> Manage -> Services) you want to disable is “Wireless Zero Configuration.”


or type “services.msc” in the run dialog


I think this is microsofts way of saying, “stick to sp2 or ELSE”. I’ve disabled the wireless zero config now, i’m still running just sp1, and its still unstable and incredibly slow at startup, i’ve seen my commodore 64 run faster. Anyone know why its started running slow after uninstalling sp2? I think it might have something to do with the fact that sp2 is no longer installed but a quick look in the add/remove section shows that there are lots of sp2 hotfixes (things like “windows xp hotfix (SP2) Q329170”, etc etc), could this be doing it?

P.S. I will install sp2 again to see if the wireless zero config works and post results soon