Windows XP SP2 is due

…next few days. Here a link:

Funny thing is, on the one hand they say less than 5% of XP code has been revised in this SP2. On the other hand they write $BILLIONS have gone into this SP. Is the coffee in the USA this expensive or what?

On a side note, dont we have a Windows forum here?


Last I heard, it was slated for Sept. 15. Anyone know if that’s still accurate?

Don’t u trust the MS product manager?

They write:
"The long-awaited update is due to be completed “in the coming days”, Microsoft senior product manager Matt Pilla said. "

should be authentic then me thinks… :smiley:

“Coming days” could be as long as 40…

Thinking in terms of Microsoft you could be well right with this :cool:

I remember windows 95, or was it 96? The first win95 was practically an alpha release anyway, and so they released the real win95 (version b) in early 1997 :stuck_out_tongue:

I still remember my days when “repairing” 8K core memory modules with a small rubber hammer. Damn’ those sticky bits… :smiley:

Planning on reinstalling winxp again. Looks like I’ll just wait for SP2 final release then. I install RC2 on somebody’s system. Don’t look half bad.

Give SP2 a bit more time after the initial release - we all know Microsoft! The one installing first a fresh release are the bravest men on earth :cool:

Does RC2 expire, out of curiosity?

Talking about SP2 (Beta) not to my knowledge. Only Windows release candidates (OS) expire not service packs. However, someone might correct me if I am wrong.

i read in a german magazine that the sp2 will be released later…

it was planned to be out on august, 10th - but ms said, the quality is not good enough yet, so it will be released later…
but still anywhen in august is planned… PLANNED… :wink:

u probably missed to read my link up here - it could be that MS meets the date and it is indeed out by 10th of August. Let’s see…

i don’t know why they keep delaying it, even if they delay it one year, a week after release new bugs will be discovered…

article testing xp sp2 -;jsessionid=VVPFIRZXAVGHYQSNDBESKHA?articleId=23905071

basically, 3 out of 5 machines that the release candidate was tested on failed to boot properly after the install.

article on delay -

the german magazine " ct’ ", which is definitely a high quality magazine which is not understood by everyone, already discovered ways to get around the “big security functions” - which means that a virus could deactivate the anti-virus-tool, and tell windows that IT would be a anti-virus-tool using the API that MS does give to the programmers of anti-virus-tools…
or, you cannot simply disable the firewall (using the system-control icon), then a message box appears - but, if you disable the Firewall / Security-Center SERVICE (what a virus can do easily) this will not be recognizes until the next REBOOT…

there are many of those bugs in there, the maganine wrote a 16-page article about SP2…
and that was BEFORE MS did delay release of SP 2 once again…

look @ THIS
you can ORDER the CD-Version of SP 2 in the USA earliest from August, 25th - in the other Countries even later…
And then it takes 4 - 6 weeks for shipping…


  1. Pirate s/n
  2. Didn’t clean install
  3. J6P computer w/ a shit load of crap to begin with.

wow, rtfa. spreading FUD when it truly is/was microsofts fault serves no good purpose.

clean install should not be a requirement for installing SP2 !!
the work computer i have has windows 2000 installed since it first came out, no reinstalls in all that period, only SP’s, patches, fixes, and it is working well.