Windows XP Slipstreamed SP2

Hi i recently slipstreamed SP2 from a SP2 CDRom into a Pre SP XP Pro disc to create a Windows XP Pro SP2 install disc. all worked fine with one curious side affect when u install from this disc windows does not need activating ive completley formatted the drivbe and reinstalled but have never needed to activate windows which is great, does anyone have any ideas why? :cool:

You got a Windows XP Corporate Edition disc which doesn’t need any activation :wink:

or itz oem & you have made no hardware changes

How do you slipstream it in? Youve got me interested ;).

Hi thanks for your replys, its not a corperate version its an OEM i think but surely if i fully format the hardrive it would need reactavating on its reinstallation, wouldnt it?

To slipstream it you need to download nlite and the slipstreaming instructions , i cant remember of hand but if you do a search in google for slipstream and nlite you should find the page i did.

nLite Download Page =

1)its realy easy to use just copy all the files from a xp disc into a folder on oy HD, then use nlite to locate the i386 folder in that folder. it should now show the version of windows etc.

  1. Now use nLite to open the SP2 install file , this will extract the file and install it into the i386 foilder.

3)Now Just create ISO with nLite and Burn with blindwrite on AUTO or CloneCD with DATA setting.

Now Enjoy your Windows XP Pro/Home SP2 disc

**You still use the original CD Key that came with the disc. not a sp2 cd key.

Sorry forgot to mention you must install NET Framework 1.1 for nLite to work

Check out wincdman. It’ll slipstream, add hotfixes, remove extra languages, remove the license code screen, and make multi-boot, multiversion discs. I’ve been using it for a couple years.

The 1.03 is the most stable for me.

I’m really interested in a more in-depth explanation of why the activation is no longer required too. I spent the big buck on the retail version of XP Pro, and every time I reinstall now, I have to call MS for a new key. I don’t like this as sooner of later, M$ is going to tell me that they are no longer supporting my version of windows. The less I have to depend on them, the better I like it. I’ve been using M$ OS’s since dos 2.21, and I KNOW how terrible some versions of their OS’s can be. (Anyone remember 4.01?)


The autopatcher link is down :(.

The 1.04 is available. I just checked. Try that.

The SP2 disc i used wasnt just a SP2 download from microsoft it looked like a full retail disc with help files autorun files , so it could be a corperate install disc for corperate networks or somthing like that resulting in a XP Pro Corperate SP2, what do u guys think?

Also i found out somthing VERY USEFUL about nLite, once uve selected the i386 folder and intergrated a SP into it instead of creating a iso u can click next remove unwanted software from installation then on the next screen u can edit it again so u can make a fully automated install disc eg. (NO NEED TO TYPE IN CD-KEY, OR SET REGION ETC…) its all configured into a file called WINNT.sif that tells the installation everything it needs to know instead of user manually typing cdkey and region and timezone etc.

so what ure left with is a Windows XP disc that u can just put in drive select partition then leave it to install. :bigsmile: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

copy to notepad. call it WINNT.SIF. put it on a floppy. insert floppy when u install xp pro. done. oh, region is for sydney australia and replace all XXXXXX with your preferred









Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

Mode = 0