Windows XP service pack 3 delayed again



Microsoft is delaying SP3 for their XP OS again.


What were going to be the features of Bugs Pack 3 ? :smiley:


Features of XP-SP3:

  • DRM implemented for HD video.
  • More Activation checks.
  • DirectX 9D
  • Nag screens advising update to Vista.
  • Security flaws patched with new flaws.


Well if you can’t wait for SP3, then you might as well install VISTA you’ll get all that + DirectX10 as a bonus :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You almost scared me for a minute I thought you were beign serious ;-/


I was.


Vista is a heck of a lot heavier to run than XP, from what I have seen so far a lot of the features in Vista I will not use.