Windows XP Service pack 1&2 problems



Hello everybody!I’m here because I’d like to help my uncle in a annoying problem.Well,one year ago he got a new pc with Windows XP Home SP1a installed and the original Windows CD.After a while,he installed also windows SP2,and everything has worked fine.A week ago he re-installed Windows XP and lost every update.So he tried to install SP1 and SP2 but the “Product Key verification” step always fails.Now,since the updates (not only service pack,but also Windows Update files) have always installed without problems,what could have happened?Moreover,Service Pack 2 shouldn’t work anyway,also with a bad cd-key?
Thank you in advance!


I don’t know. Did he need to enter the product key when he re-installed? I guess some computers that have XP pre-installed have a way of re-installing that doesn’t require you to enter the product key. But whoever set up the computer may have screwed up the “built-in” product key.

I would contact the person who sold the computer. If you get no satisfaction, I would contact Microsoft.

By the way, he doesn’t need to install both service packs. SP2 will include everything in SP1.


Yes,I think he has re-entered the product key.Well,but browsing on the web I found that SP2 shouldn’t have an autentication passage…what could be wrong?


Use Autopatcher


:cool: :cool:


He still need to install SP2 first, too bad new versions of Autopatcher includes IE7 though :confused:


you can try the windiz update method through firefox


You don’t have to install it. Download it but not install it.


And dont get any updates for IE 6 at all, great…
Guess I still need to keep my old copies of it.


Try slipstreaming XP and SP2, it should solve the problem and speed up installation.