Windows XP restarts instead of shutting down!

:frowning: Anyone know how to get rid of this irrítating thing?

Is this a real version or NOT??? Have you applied the reset patch to a build version of 2600 if so then this is why it resets. If this is the case then you will probably have to reinstall the os sorry!!:frowning:

this is a common problem with direct cd installed, u need to go to and get the xp update for it. if u dont have it installed…umm
btw the reset patch resets the countdown activation timer everytime u reboot, it restets to 0 days. it doesn’t reset(reboot your box) lol, dont reinstall…

No ChunkOCheese, if you install the time reset patch onto some builds of Windows XP it DOES NOT allow windows XP to startup, therefore causing a reboot, thats why I asked if the reset patch had been applied!!!:o

Iv’e got the same problem, i dont know why it does this coz it’s real irritating. I downloaded XP with KaZaA and it requires no activation.

It is the real Windows XP Proffesional Corporate Edition SWEDISH.
I haven’t got a clue what to do tried like everything. Taking out pci cards, removing cd-roms.

I changed the case of the computer to bigger one. Then it started to happen like this. I can’t figure out what it is. I also removed the motherboard and put it back so nothing was touching it. But it still Reboots instead of shutting down. I thing i am gona make a format c: :slight_smile: and then out it back in. But but it takes so much fucking time! :frowning:

Bhaaa… MS BLOWS DICK :frowning:

Yo man! I saw in regedit that it is build 2600. Where do i get that reset patch? PLZ REPLY! :slight_smile:

I think the problem is either a driver or perhaps certain software installed coz today i did a fresh installation of Win XP and before i installed my ISDN card or installed any programs i tested the shutdown option and my pc powered down. So it’s probably a driver or software. the only software i installed on my PC when i experienced this problem was Norton Anti Virus 2002, my cd-writing software i also installed drivers for my ISDN adapter.

I still have to play around with it further but for now my pc is able to shutdown properly.

I’ll keep you updated.

Direct CD 5.0. Try to upgrade from Roxio (Xp Patch).

I dont currently have any CD writer software on my machine so i dont think that’s the problem and Roxio products dont support my writer anyway coz it’s an HP CD16ri(16X10X40).

Anyway, like i said i did a fresh installation of XP again and the PC seemed to power down properly but as soon as i changed my page file size from 768 to 128 and installed the driver for my ISDN card XP would not shutdown properly again.

I’ll just have to look further into this situation.

I’ll keep you posted.

I got this problem and I use WinXP 2600.That was in september when support for XP was almost none.Depands by setting Win XP won’t shut down and restart if you have a compatibility problem.My problem was Easy Creator Platinum 5.0 with no support for XP and I switched to Nero and than to VOB Instant CD/DVD.Since then I could not tell you I like this or that one because my writer is an old LG 4X made for HP.But what I can tell you after I removed Roxio with Nero I had DVD player problem and with VOB Instant CD/DVD I had audio cd burnt with sound problem like a skip intermintently.I want to buy a new writer but I’m checking and checking and I don’t have a choice.Now I have a Nero 5.556 with full support for XP but I can not copy even I use Clone CD or something else.As you see I have fun like everybody else but my final point is check your burning software and stay away from Roxio.