Windows xp repair?

odd one this.

I have two legal copies of XP (well had), and one disc got smashed. Not a problem I thought but I’ve just tried to do a repair of windows with the remaining disc and it doesn’t want to know as it’s an older version than is currently installed.

I’m sure I’m missing something really simple here and I know that really it’s long long overdue a format/reinstall. But everything seems to work ok apart from system restore and I know at some point I will need that so I’d like it working when I do.

ideas anyone?

The best alternative to a system restore are softwares that create images of a HDD partitions like norton ghost or acronis true image (this latter is my preferred).

So you can buy acronis and avoid to use at all system restore.

XP won’t let you install an older version (or one with older SP’s). You can either build a slipstream install cd, or just do what I did. Pull the drive out, and reformat it in another PC. Then put in back in the original PC and do the install. Only problem is that you have to have an extra pc to move the hd around.

I would do as harley2ride suggested, build a slipstreamed disc and use this Guide here to try to repair. Just make sure when it comes time to enter the key you use the original cpu’s key.

I’d recommend slipstreaming a new install cd, or three. This is a great utility for doing just that:

i have to agree, nLite is a great wee program for this :iagree:

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